Parents express concern about 52nd Ave S construction, how this may impact your kids first day at school

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WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- There's a construction update about 52nd Avenue South in Fargo.
On August 17th, a stretch from 45th Street to Veterans opened and now another section, this time from 63rd Street South intersection is open.

However, what drivers have regained may not ease the pain and confusion that they've been dealing with.

Danielle Burkel spends many of her days outside, watching the kids as they play in their slide.

It won't be long before her six-year-old daughter Mea is off to elementary school at Deer Creek.

"My main concern is for safety for all of our little ones," said Danielle Burkel from the Deer Creek neighborhood in West Fargo. "It's just really hard to have all of the trucks driving by back and forth at all hours of the day."

Big construction trucks, one drove by in the background during our chat.

"Yeah the trucks fly by and again with the different roads being open and closed, I think people get frustrated, and then they tend to especially like trucks trying to get to their jobs, and things tend to do a little bit of a led foot," said Stefani Nelson, a Deer Creek neighborhood mom.

Burkel added that in just a week Mea would be walking to and from school, she says she's feeling a little uneasy about it.

"It's stressful; I'm not going to lie," said Burkel. " I'm very concerned about sending her."

The City of Fargo says traffic is only going to get worse when school starts.

The other challenge for people living in this part of town will be the continued challenges because of unfinished roadwork.

There is some good news, 52nd Avenue South will be open to two lanes shortly.

"About mid to late October we'd like to have this whole project wrapped up," said Kevin Gorder, City of Fargo Division Engineer.

Until the work wraps up, you might want to drive around the area a bit, to find the best, the quickest and the least stressful routes before your kids head back to school.

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