Parents act quickly after baby is born unresponsive

ROCHERT, MN (Valley News Live) - A couple living on Cotton Lake just outside of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota was expecting their third child.

"We had everything packed, everything ready to go,” said Ryan Anderson. “So we were prepared, and we had a plan."

But sometimes, things don't always go as planned. Early in the morning on January 3, Sarah and Ryan Anderson quickly realized that having their baby boy at the hospital was no longer an option.

"I got across the house to the front door, and it was pretty intense at that point,” Sarah said. “I just told Ryan, I'm not getting in the car. You need to call 911."

And within minutes, their son had come into the world.

Immediately after their son's birth, they realized the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck. Ryan said that his son was not responding in any way, and panic started to set in.

Ryan immediately unwrapped the cord from the baby's neck, and they started CPR.

"There was a while there that I didn't think he was going to come around, so that was really scary," Sarah said.

And finally, after several minutes of life-saving efforts, the infant's color finally began to return to normal. In the ambulance, paramedics confirmed the baby was breathing. At the hospital, nurses and doctors took over, and there were no further complications.

The family says they're now adjusting to life at home.