Parents & students concerned over game with plastic bags covering student's heads

Published: Jan. 31, 2018 at 6:47 PM CST
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Parents of students who attend Detroit Lakes High School are furious after seeing what happened at their children's school. Pictures of the incident are circulating on social media.

"It was crazy to see the bags over the children's heads. I mean, we're brought up to not put those bags over your head, yeah it's going to impact your breathing. That's just pure child endangerment," says Parent of Detroit Lakes High School Junior, Don Flanders.

It all started with a game of musical chairs in celebration of ‘Snoball week’ at the school, with bags being used as blindfolds. But since this photo was posted to Facebook, a rash of parents have contacted us with concerns.

"You got some child that's asthmatic and doesn't know it, they have that bag over their head. What's going to happen to their health?," says Flanders.

Parents aren't the only ones who were surprised by this, several students were also shocked.

"I thought it was really dangerous. Out of all the things you could use, a plastic bag?," says Detroit Lakes Senior, Rainy Walker.

"I was kind of surprised. None of the teachers tried to stop it, but i did see one teacher that decided to walk out," says Detroit Lakes Senior, Brayden Buchanan.

One sophomore we spoke with says it goes against everything she's been taught.

"My mom has told me so many things about how people died because of it and I've seen so many Cops episodes when people are drugged and killed in that fashion," says Detroit Lakes High School Sophomore, Myeh Habedank.

Myeh says she's very disappointed in her school and she wants the principal to apologize to the students. Now it's no secret plastic bags aren't a toy, in fact it even says it right here. From some research we found, around 20 kids die each year from suffocation by plastic bags. But the students we spoke with, say they're well aware of these dangers.

We tried speaking with the school Superintendent, Doug Froke. He released this statement to us, “On Tuesday, January 30th, the Detroit Lakes High School held an assembly program as part of Snoball week. Snoball week is where students compete in various activities that symbolize school spirit. The District understands the concern and it apologizes for the way the event was conducted. The District will continue to evaluate the matter including conversations with our students and staff and make adjustments for future events as warranted. Our goal was to celebrate school spirit and we’ll continue to enjoy the activities of Snoball week.”

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