Parent of bullying victim demands more accountability from parents and schools

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) An Ohio father has sparked strong controversy among parents, after he uploaded a video on Facebook showing his daughter walking to school in the cold while he drives slowly behind her.

It happened because he wanted to teach his 10-year-old a lesson for being suspended from riding the bus due to bullying other students. He ended his post by saying, "Bullying is unacceptable, especially in my household."

The video has over 16 million views, with a lot of parents chiming in..

"5 miles is a long way, but I think it's a great punishment honestly. The kid's got time to think about what they're doing. Child's got time to think about ways that they can improve themselves," Rebecca Cheatley said.

For Cheatley and her son, Jax, bullying is something they've had to deal with a lot lately.

"I have a zero tolerance policy for having my child be treated anything less than what he deserves," Cheatley said.

It's a story you only saw on Valley News Live a few weeks back, after Jax says he was called derogatory names and punched in the gut at Aurora Elementary.

"It was not okay," Jax said.

"I think that father putting his daughter on the forefront is showing a good example. It's showing a better example of how we should be dealing with these issues," Cheatley said.

Cheatley says she wishes Jax's bullies were held just as accountable as the girl in the viral video.

She says she also wishes parents of bullies took the initiative the Ohio father did. Cheatley adds she wishes parents were more up front with one another when bullying is involved.

Cheatley says the topic is important to her because she's been on both sides.

"I was a bully. I was such a bully!" Cheatley admitted.

She added that she wished someone would have held her more accountable, like the Ohio father did.

"I wish somebody had really sat me down and said this isn't okay. What you're doing is not right," Cheatley said.

But beyond all that, Jax says he just wishes schools would believe victims of bullying more often.

"The stupid thing about it is that they have posters all around their school saying no bullying. yet, they don't do anything about this," Jax said.