Paintball problem: Grand Forks woman worries her home is targeted

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GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Grand Forks mom of three, Kayla Arens, was having coffee Wednesday morning when she noticed something dirty.

"And I was like, I just cleaned my window," she says.

Arens came out to find a paintball hit her window.

"I was like, great," she says.

Arens adds this is not the first time she's felt targeted. Her husband's van has been hit several times.

"His van is always parked on the street and it got egged a few times and then they broke off his mirror," she says.

In each of these cases, Arens says no other neighbors were targeted.

"It's just kind of odd that we're always the ones getting hit," says Arens.

She posted to Facebook to warn others:

"I just kind of want let everyone know what's going on on our block," she says.

While Corporal Brandon Eberhardt, with the Grand Forks PD, says he can't speak specifically on Arens' case - he can share some tips to keep your yard and items safe.

"When it comes to home security, we focus on what's called the three Ls. It's locks, lighting and landscape," he says. "Because if somebody were to target a house they're gonna pick the one that has less visibility."

"It's all about visibility when it comes to landscaping. We want bushes, shrubs to be trimmed down to three feet, and canopies and trees trimmed up to 7 feet. That way it doesn't block any site lines to the house," Eberhardt continues.

"I don't know if it was just kids coming from college and they were just wanting to have a fun time, or if we're just a direct hit basically," Arens says.

Police say it could just be kids, but it could be something else - which is why they say no matter how trivial it may seem, you should always report it.

"We'd rather have somebody report something and it turn out to be nothing, as opposed to them not report it and we have no idea," says Eberhardt.

Eberhardt adds if anyone is interested in having police perform a crime prevention survey at your house or business, you can call them. They will pay you a visit and make recommendations on how to make your place safer.

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