POV Round Table: Fargo Ofc Jason Moszer, North Fargo developments, and 2016 Race

On Friday, I was joined by local attorney William Kirschner, local business owner Leon Francis and local realtor Bernie Erickson.
1st Segment - We discussed what is going on in the Valley with the shooting of a Fargo police officer Jason Moszer, and the drive by shooting that happened in Enderlin earlier in the week. We also asked attorney William Kirschner how Marcus got a gun after being convicted of a felony. It is an interesting question to explore.

2nd Segment - We discussed the high density apartments that are being proposed in north Fargo...in the Roosevelt and Ponyland neighborhoods. It was interesting to hear what local realtor Bernie Erickson had to say about the situation.

3rd Segment - We discussed the SUPERDELEGATE situation in the Democrat race for President. Bernie Sanders crushed Hilary Clinton in New Hampshire, yet she left New Hampshire with the same number of delegates. How does this happen? SUPERDELEGATES