Oregon police find suspected burglar in Christmas onesie hiding in crawl space with cat named Spaghetti

GRESHAM, Ore. (KPTV/CNN) - Half-eaten cupcakes, holes in the wall and a T-shirt wearing cat named Spaghetti made things really weird for a pair of new homeowners in Oregon.

Ryan Bishop was arrested after a homeowner in Oregon said he found him in a crawl space wearing a onesie with a cat named Spaghetti / Source: Gresham Police Department

The chaos came courtesy of a man hiding in their crawl space after raiding the kitchen and laundry room.

Timothy Smith and his fiancée left their new place for a bit, but when they came back, things took a bizarre turn.

"We saw a bunch of stuff on our car, like a bottle of cider, a bunch of ceremonial knives and a Macbook Pro. We're like 'That's weird,' and then we come in and see all this other stuff," Smith said.

Not only that, but they found several holes in their walls. Smith said it looked almost like someone was hunting for money inside of them.

He noticed someone raided their kitchen as well.

"The cupcakes were in the fridge. He ate two, and just the bottom of one. The coffee cup he used is this one right here," he said, picking up the cup from the counter.

Then, the couple heard a rustling noise coming from the crawlspace, so Smith went in.

Inside the crawlspace, he found a cat, that wasn't his, wearing a shirt.

"No one is going to put a shirt on a cat and leave it in a crawl space in a random house. Someone else is down here," he said.

That was enough for Smith. He ran out of the house.

"I started screaming, 'Stop! Have them send someone here right now, someone is in the house 100 percent,'" said Smith.

Police got to the scene quickly and were able to talk with the suspected burglar. He came out peacefully, but wearing Christmas pajamas.

"Sure enough, he walks out, he's wearing my fiancee's onesie, covered in dirt," said Smith.

Police identified the man as Ryan Bishop, who's facing several charges including burglary and theft.

The new homeowners are cleaning up the mess, but Smith wanted to offer Bishop forgiveness and understanding.

"I've been where that dude was. Don't ever feel like you're unhelpable. Help is always out there for you. Just find the right sources," he urged.

And the cat?

Spaghetti belongs to Bishop's grandmother and is back safely at home.

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According to Gresham Police, "The home owner saved the cat! Sorry, in pure Hulk Hogan style, it managed to get out of it's shirt." (Source: Gresham Police Department)

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