Open door program helps students in need at North High School

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- Most schools are part of the federal free and reduced lunch program, but some schools in the Fargo area provide additional support to students, who are in need.

The principal at North High School says there's a need in the community to help provide clothing, hygiene products, and even food to students who can't afford those basic necessities.

"We have 20% of our students who are on free and reduced lunch. So, one out of every five students could benefit from some of our support," says Andy Dahlen, North High School Principal.

North High School offers an 'open door' program for those students who need extra help, whether they need a snack or even school supplies.

"The basic necessities are important for all people, whether that's the clothing, whether that's food or whether it's a roof over their heads," says Principal Dahlen.

The theme at North High School is building champions, and that's the goal with this program.

It gives students a chance to connect with teachers or counselors to get that extra help.

"It's not always the things that happen in front of the classroom, it's all those other relationships that we build with the kids," says Dahlen.

Dahlen says students who use this program are grateful and they appreciate it.

All schools in the Fargo Public School District have a program like this to help students who are in need of additional support.

If you'd like to give to a program in the district you can go to