One lemonade stand is making a difference

TWIN VALLEY, MN. (Valley News Live) - Ellie Bekkerus has a lemonade stand.

But this is no ordinary lemonade stand.

Ellie is selling lemonade and donating every penny to a cause very close to her heart.

"We're just doing it to raise money for the Turner Syndrome Society of Minnesota," Ellie said.

She has Turner Syndrome, and she decided she wanted give back to the cause.

"Ellie came up with a vision of giving back to the Minnesota Turner Syndrome Society,” said Kaylie Bekkerus, Ellie’s mom. “It's something that touches our heart. We are really close with the Turner Syndrome Foundation as she was diagnosed at birth. Last year when we did it, we raised $500."

While she serves up lemonade, posters hang around her stand with facts about the syndrome.

This is how Ellie spreads awareness about herself and others with Turner Syndrome.

"Turner Syndrome happens in about 1 in 2,000 live births,” Kaylie said. “They have a 99 percent chance of miscarrying so ultimately when I was pregnant with her, I didn't know she was a miracle happening."

Ellie's mom says she has faced a lot of battles but each time she overcomes them with a smile on her face

This year Ellie's goal was to raise $550 to beat her fundraiser last year.

She surpassed her goal before the day was out.

"Someone so young can make a big impact on everybody,” Kaylie said.