Keeping children safe while bike riding, officials weigh in following two accidents in less than a week

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- An eight-year old boy who was wearing a helmet has a long recovery ahead of him after being hit by an SUV while he was on his bike in West Fargo. According to his Mom's Facebook page he has skull fractures, facial fractures among other serious injuries. And this isn't the first accident this week where a child on a bike was hit by a car.

This West Fargo boy is just like any other 9-year old, he loves spending time on his bike. He lives right across the street from where the serious crash happened.

"O'h my god that poor little guy," says West Fargo Resident and Mom, Dawn Bird.

That's why his mom, Dawn Bird is very vigilant when he's out doing what he loves.

"Usually when I’m out here, I’m like look out, get over here, there's a car coming," says Bird.

But just like most moms, she’s always worried about his safety.

Greta Miller with Sanford tell us unfortunately these accidents happen. She says while a helmet can be a lifesaver, you have to make sure it fits right and if it gets worn down over time you need to get a new one.

That's where Alexis Pearson comes in. She works at the Great Northern Bicycle Company in downtown Fargo. She tells us they fit helmets for kids of all ages.

"Some of them are also integrated with lights in the bike so you can turn those on," says Great Northern Bicycle Company Interim Director, Alexis Pearson.

Now on top of wearing the right gear on a bike, Greta Miller with Sanford also tells us kids need to always be aware of the cars around them.

"As parents, we really need to teach our children to look for the vehicles. Look at the driver, try to make eye contact with them. Make sure the driver sees you before you cross the street," says Sanford Community Life Educator, Alexis Miller.

And that's exactly what Bird taught her kids. But still she likes to check-in on her son when he’s out enjoying the summer.

"Usually when he's riding bike, I’m out here keeping an eye on him," says Bird.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol and West Fargo Police tell us the accident is still under investigation and because of that, there's no word yet on if any charges will be filed.