Dog killed after attacking officer in Grand Forks

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live) - Officers from the Grand Forks Regional Narcotics Task Force entered a home on North 4th Street with a search warrant on Friday, Nov. 11, looking for evidence in an investigation - but when they entered the home, they found something else.

"As they were entering the residence, one of the officers was attacked by a dog within the residence. A rather large dog," says Lt. Derik Zimmel, with the Grand Forks Police Department. "There were numerous efforts to try to get the dog disengaged from the officer, they were unsuccessful."

Ultimately, the dog had to be put down. Officers say while it was in self-defense, they're upset with the outcome.

"I'm glad that no people were killed in this particular incident. It's extremely unfortunate that an animal was. This is not an outcome that anyone wants," Zimmel says.

But there are other recommendations for officers when dealing with aggressive dogs that don't lead to the animal's death. The National Canine Research Council recommends officers use tasers on the animals instead of guns - because they're non-lethal for the dogs, and also considered safer for officers and other bystanders.

Still, Grand Forks Police say it's a difficult decision no one wants to make.

"I'm a dog person. And I would not want to have to make that decision. If I was in that position, I'm sure I'd do exactly as that officer did. But it's nothing that any of us wants to do," says Zimmel.

Investigators say the case is still active, so they can't release any more details - including the condition of the task member who was attacked.

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