North Dakota representative looking to end Blue Law

Published: Jan. 10, 2017 at 10:29 PM CST
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Democratic Representative Pamela Anderson has introduced a bill that could eliminate the blue laws in North Dakota.

She believes it will help North Dakota businesses compete with surrounding states.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Isabel Krum has been a North Dakota resident for two years. She says she doesn't agree with the meaning of Blue Law.

"Now that we have a lot of new immigrants coming in, people who don't have all the same belief systems, I think it is a little arbitrary and redundant to form a law based on one religion that not everyone follows,” Krum said.

Democratic Representative Pamela Anderson is hoping to change that.

"One of my constituents said he was very annoyed that he had to drive to Moorhead for plumbing supplies on Sunday. He just thought the stores in Fargo, if they want, they should be able to be open,” Anderson said.

Anderson says she has gotten support from Democrats and Republicans about the bill.

She says a lot has changed since the law was put into place and not everyone attends church on Sundays.

She believes getting rid of the Blue Law will help the work force.

"You have people that are wanting to pick up hours that have two to three other jobs and that would be an option for them,” Anderson said.

Anderson says if the bill passes, not all stores have to be open on Sunday, but they should have the option to choose.

"The businesses, if they want, can open, there is no restriction and I think it will be good for consumers, people that do get up early and want to get things done before the Vikings game,” Anderson said.

"Restaurants and stores who maybe need to be open a few more hours and who want to have more of a diverse range of hours, I think it would be very helpful to not be limited,” Krum said.

Ending the Blue Law in North Dakota has come up and failed in previous legislative sessions.