North Dakota mom tracks down missing daughter after seeing her on Denver news

Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 4:17 PM CST
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An emotional story tonight about a North Dakota mom's journey to get her daughter back home. Alice Crawford ran away from home in Dickinson several months ago. But her mom never lost hope and a tip from a Denver news station changed everything.

Alice Crawford's mom, Jill Rosenow tells us her daughter was battling drug addiction when she took off for Colorado with her cousin. From there, she didn't know what happened to her and never heard from her daughter except one brief time on Halloween.

But then one day, she heard about her daughter being on the news in Denver. A family member had googled Alice’s name and a story about the homeless population living on Denver streets, came up.

"I sleep behind the dumpster because you stay out of the wind and some of the snow doesn't fall on you,” says Alice Crawford.

"He interviewed Alice and she had given her coat away to somebody else so she didn't have a coat and it was cold. She said she was living behind dumpsters, it was really hard to see," says Alice Crawford’s Mom, Jill Rosenow.

That’s when Rosenow contacted the journalist who wrote the story and bought a one way ticket to Denver. She wasn't leaving until she found her daughter. For days, she along with some family members scoured the streets, talking to hundreds of people and showing them Alice’s picture.

Then, it was a short pit stop that finally brought them to Alice. Her aunt stopped in a train station to use the bathroom.

"We walked into the restroom thinking it was empty and the last stall was occupied. As I was getting ready to go into my stall, we heard her voice,” says Alice Crawford’s Aunt, Theresa Brown.

"She just melted into my arms and we both just cried and I hugged her and I just said don't you ever do this to me again and that I love her. She said she wanted to go to rehab,” says Rosenow.

Rosenow tells us her daughter is in Washington state with her grandma. She says she was worried about her coming back to Dickinson where she has connections and access to drugs.

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