North Dakota Veterans oppose veteran involvement in Standing Rock protests

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) About 2,000 military veterans are planning to come to North Dakota and take part in the pipeline protest south of Mandan, but local veterans organizations are telling them to stay home.

"The Veterans Stand for Standing Rock Group" say they plan to form a human shield to protect the protesters.

They've asked veterans from around here to be a part of it, but the North Dakota Veterans Coordinating Council says "no". They're asking other veterans to stay away, as well.

The North Dakota group says they're not taking a side on the pipeline issue, but they are upset with what they consider illegal, unlawful and unbecoming conduct that has been on-going at the site.

The Standing for Standing Rock Group is planning on arriving at the protest site on Sunday. That's one day ahead of the day the protesters are to be off the Corps of Engineers property.