No, you're not in trouble with the law: it's just another phone scam

(Valley News Live) - West Fargo police are warning about another scam making its way through local phone lines.

A Whistleblower shared her voicemail with us, saying she received a phone call telling her she's in trouble with authorities. But just moments later, she says someone she happened to be speaking with in public also received the same phone call—and later she found out her elderly neighbor got the same message as well.

Here's a part of the voice message she received:

"...After that you will be taken under custody by the local cops, as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment..."

The voicemail goes on to ask for her to get back to them to discuss the case “before taking any legal action.”

West Fargo assistant police chief, Jerry Boyer, tells us variations of this phone message are going around—including more of those IRS phone scams—and some of the scams even mention specific officials by name, in order to sound more legitimate.

"Either making a go collect money and then wire that money to avoid arrest,” Boyer said. “Which in any case that is not how law enforcement operates. You cannot wire money to avoid arrest."

Boyer says the police do sometimes contact people to let them know they have a warrant out for arrest. But he says they would never tell you to wire money over the phone—you would post bond at the Cass County Jail. Boyer says if you have any doubt, call police before taking any action.

The Whistleblower we spoke with says for a minute she was taken aback by the message, and she's not even guilty of a crime. She wants to make sure others who are more vulnerable don't fall for it as well.