New ticket rules cause confusion for Ed Sheeran concert-goers

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) An email sent earlier in the week to Ed Sheeran concert goers... Has some scratching their heads.

"That doesn't make any sense. If people have last minute plans that come up and they can't go, then they're out hundreds of dollars?" Steven Harthun said.

The email says tickets will only be accepted electronically, and they won't be sent out until the day before the concert.

"I mean, I'll get nervous if it's like 12 hours before and I still don't have my tickets emailed. I mean, I do wish I could have the email now. I don't know why they're waiting so close," Brittany Sundeen said.

"I usually just have people hold them at will call, but since there's no will call then I'm not really sure," Harthun said.

And on top of all that, ticket holders can only enter the FargoDome if all of your party is with you.

Meaning you might get stuck in the lobby waiting for someone if they're running late.

Or if you're trying to sell some of your tickets, you'll have to meet up with the buyer on the day of the concert and walk in together.

"I wish there would be a way to transfer them, or if I could text them their electronic copy so they could enter that way," Sundeen said.

But one woman we talked with says she's seen this rule before; Saying it's not as strict as it seems.

"Before, when I've been to concerts, all you have to do is screenshot the bar code they scan and you send it to the person that's going with you," Shawnta Everett explained.

Sundeen added that although the rules seem tricky, she thinks the singer made the right choice

"I think there's just been a lot of artists lately that have experienced seeing their tours that are selling out and their tickets are going to third-party websites or scalpers. And then the stadiums aren't actually filled. Like the tickets are sold, but the seats aren't full. So there's a lot of fans that are missing out on it," Sundeen said.

The FargoDome says the ticket rules are the singer's and not theirs. They say to plan ahead with anyone you're going to the concert with, so you don't end up waiting around.