New technology helps the blind to see

Published: Oct. 3, 2017 at 5:24 PM CDT
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It's helping the blind to see. A couple in the northern valley was worried that it was an out-of-country scam, but now they want to share what's bringing back a man's sight.

On a farmstead north of Drayton, great-grandpa Richard "Buster" McConnell doesn't need to read music to play songs he knows on the trombone.

But, soon, he might be.

"I said, I'm beginning to feel like the 6 million dollar man," McConnell said.

Because of these... unique glasses McConnell can see again.

"If I, I put my glasses up like this, I, I barely see your face," McConnell said.

He has macular degeneration. A common eye disease that has taken all but his peripheral vision.

"It started about 15,16, 17 years ago," McConnell said.

Then a few years ago, it got really bad. He could no longer read. Until, they found this.

"They say it's a high powered computer. I guess, what's on my head," McConnell said.

They say they wary of getting ripped off when they heard about eSight, a company out of Toronto. But, now they're believers.

"Besides the door was a Winchester rifle, a 72," McConnell read. The first time McConnell has been able to read for years.

eSight mimics what healthy eyes do, but it's not cheap. 10 grand and no help from their insurance. But, he says it's all worth it and has big plans tonight.

"I'm going to watch the Twins beat the yankees."

And perhaps soon, will be reading new music again.