New scam targeting Netflix's customers

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) The Fargo Police is warning people to be on the lookout of a new scam involving Netflix.

Netflix has more than 100 million subscribers worldwide, maybe even you. Therefore you will want to watch your email.

The new scam comes in the form of an email comes with “Payment declined” in the subject line.

There is a button to click to update credit card information. But the link takes you to the scammer's website where you are asked to enter credit card information, which will then be sold on the Dark Web.

This scam is dangerous because so many people who are receiving this email are Netflix customers. Their first response may be to click the button and provide the requested information.

But there is a safer course of action. Should you receive one of these emails, type the Netflix URL into your browser and log into your account. After you’re signed in, click on your personal icon in the upper right corner of the page, then click on "account." Then click on "update payment info."

A cyber-security firm based in Australia says the scammers are using a “brandjacking” email hoping to capture credit card information.
Tell-tale clues
A closer look at the email, however, might save you the trouble. If the email mentions that your American Express card was declined, but Netflix uses your Visa, then the email is an obvious fake.

Also note the spelling of certain words. Emails sent to customers in the U.S. should refer to the "Help Center," not the "Help Centre."

Phishing scams can take different forms. Besides directing a potential victim to a phony website, they can also contain attachments that can unleash malware, including ransomware.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has tips to stay safe. For a look at the tips click on the link attached to this story.