New report shows 1,000+ people experience homelessness in FM metro any given night

Fargo, N.D. (Valley News Live) Hundreds of students in FM metro school districts go without a permanent place to sleep.

Those chilling statistics were released in a new report by the Fargo-Moorhead Coalition to End Homelessness. As of May 2019, the report shows 581 students were identified as homeless in the FM metro school districts.

In total, the group found 1,075 individuals estimated to be experiencing homelessness in the FM Metro.

The report breaks down the numbers and finds men make up the majority of the homeless population at 49%. Overall, 62% of the total homeless population identify as male, with 38% as female.

Additionally, eight identify as Trans Female (Male to Female), two individuals identify as Trans Male (Female to Male), and five identify as Gender Non-conforming.

Half of individuals who received homeless services identified their race as White. The report says that shows a significant racial disparity which exists among the homeless population compared to the general population in the FM Metro.

As of 2017, US Census American Community Survey (ACS) estimates
show 89% of the total population identify as White alone. With 19% of the homeless population identifying as Black or African American and 19.5% identifying as American Indian.

The coalition points out significant racial disparities as these populations are over represented compared to the general population. The US Census estimates show only 4% of the general population identify as Black or African American alone and 1% as American Indian and Alaska Native alone.

These are just a few numbers pulled from the report. We've attached the full report to this story. Most facts/figures start on page 9.