New gun legislation to change wait times for suppressors, prevent hearing loss and much more

Published: Jan. 18, 2017 at 9:30 PM CST
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New legislation has proposed changes for the way you purchase a gun suppressor and the Hearing Protection Act looks to remove regulations helping to get a suppressor in your hands quicker.

When it comes to purchasing a suppressor for your gun it can be quite the process and time consuming.

Under the National Firearms Act, you have to fill out extensive paperwork including an application to the ATF, pay a $200 tax and pass a background check which all can take up to eight months, but the proposed Hearing Protection Act looks to treat suppressors as firearms requiring you to just pass a background check.

We spoke with the Bill's Gun Shop and Range General Manager who believes if this bill passes it will give more gun owners the option of using an accessory with health benefits.

"You know there is potential for hearing loss just because they are so loud and the Hearing Protection Act would allow suppressors to be more easily accessible and people would be able to put those on the guns and just lower the decibel rating the gun actually makes," explains Brent Brattlof.

Suppressors also help reduce recoil or kick back when shooting a gun which could allow those who have put their guns away because of shoulder injuries to have another chance at getting back to the hunt.

Critics of the bill question whether there is a public health issue with hearing loss associated with gun fire.