New gruesome details in Hitterdal murder

MOORHEAD, M.N. (KVLY) A man and woman arrested last week in connection to a missing person's case out of Wahpeton, are being charged with aiding and abetting murder.

The missing person report was for Troy Edmund Yarbrough. During the investigation it was learned that Yarbrough was last seen with 39-year-old Jason Douglas Jensen and 34-year-old Kayla Louise Westcott.

Court documents today reveal that on May 20, 2018, Kayla Wescott said she ended up at a Hitterdal farmstead with both Yarbrough and Jensen. Wescott says Jensen came around a corner and hit Yarbrough over the head with a yard rake handle and then with an ax.

Wescott says Jensen then told her to hit Yarbrough with the ax, but she said that she missed when she swung.

Documents say that Yarbrough was then brought to a shed on the farmstead property and left overnight.

When Wescott and Jensen went to the shed the next day, Yarbrough was still alive. Wescott claims that Jensen then hit Yarbrough over the head with a cinder block, killing him.

Documents state that Jensen claims it was Kayla Wescott who murdered Yarbrough with both the stick and the cinderblock. He states that he was 'pretty drunk' during the events, but did help to dispose of the body.

Jensen says after Yarbrough was killed in the shed the next morning, they placed his body in a burn pit on the property. Jensen said he and Wescott then put the remains in a garbage bag and buried it in the trees behind the garage.

Kayla Wescott and Jason Jensen bond was set at $2 million early this afternoon.