New grocery store opening soon in Downtown Fargo

Published: Jun. 26, 2017 at 8:32 AM CDT
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Prairie Roots Food Co-Op will be located in Downtown Fargo near North University Drive.

The grocery store will sell foods that are locally grown like vegetables and meats as well as other goods made locally and regionally. It will also have other gluten free and vegan options. A unique aspect of the store is that it has a make your own peanut/almond butter area, bulk foods, Kombucha on tap and salad/hot food bar.

Prairie Roots Food Co-op is a member owned and member controlled business. Members can be involved in a lot or a little.

"If you're a member, you get all the perks but you don't have to use them all," said Prairie Roots Food Co-op marketing coordinator, Jodi Regan. "You can just come and get extra sales and extra deals on certain items. Otherwise you can attend the member meeting or choose the board members and vote on things like that."

Regan says there are misconceptions about co-op's like they are only organic, expensive and only for members. She says those notions are not true.

"We really want everyone to come check it out whether you have a lot of money or don't," explained Regan. "Whether you're new to health foods or never heard of almond butter before, it doesn't' matter. Everyone is welcome and we really want it to be a place where you can be educated about where your food comes from and teach us about the community and who you are."

Regan says co-ops are different than community supported agriculture (CSA). The Prairie Roots Food Co-Op costs $300 for a lifetime membership and payment plans are also available.

Regan reminds people the store is for everyone, no just members and that those on SNAP can even make their dollar go further.

"Here that $10 gets them $20 worth of products," said Regan.

Regan says they will even offer a program so shoppers can help others get a scholarship style membership by rounding up their grocery bill to donate to the fund.

To learn more about Prairie Roots, you can check out their website. We have a link to it, in this story.