New details emerging after man dies in Moorhead shooting

Published: Apr. 10, 2017 at 2:01 PM CDT
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Second degree murder: that’s the charge Neil Johnson faces after being accused of shooting and killing another man in Moorhead Thursday night. That charge carries a maximum penalty of 40 years in jail.

According to court documents, police were called just before 9 pm Thursday to 16th Street South in Moorhead. The caller said he had shot someone, that caller later identified as Neil Johnson. He told officers on scene he had shot at someone three times and the gun was in the living room of the house. Johnson described that he shot at another person, later identified as 28-year-old Jacob Glover. Johnson says Glover ran out the west garage door, and was found lying in a neighbor’s driveway. Glover was taken to Sanford Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police report finding a revolver style handgun containing three empty rounds and three live ones still in the gun.

The charging document continues that Johnson cooperated with police, saying he met Glover at Don’s Car Wash a couple months ago. Johnson said he was the manager there, and had recently fired Glover. He also explained that he was letting Glover live in his garage, adding Glover was “a really good guy” and had gotten “caught up in some s***”. Johnson said another friend made allegations that Glover had stolen some coins and was going to come over to see if they were there.

“I got worried,” court documents say Johnson tells detectives. “I grabbed my gun and I loaded it and it was sitting in the garage.”

The documents also say Johnson admitted to snorting methamphetamine earlier that day. He goes on, describing how he started boxing up Glover’s belongings that were in the garage, also talking about how he thought Glover may have tampered with the ammunition in his gun. Johnson says Glover arrived about a half hour later, walked up to the garage and an argument broke out over the theft accusations.

Glover, documents say, pushed past Johnson, saying he was going through his stuff to look for drugs. Johnson says Glover came out of the room in the garage, Johnson held the pistol up and Glover said “you pull a pistol on me?” and “I’m going to break your f****** neck”. Johnson told police Glover was 4-5 feet away and he pulled the trigger, but the gun misfired. Documents say Glover took a breath and froze. Johnson says he started pulling the trigger again, this time the gun firing, Glover saying “you shot me” over and over. Johnson said Glover started towards him then, and Johnson fired two more times.

Two gunshot wounds were found on the victim according to a provisional medical report and the cause of death for Glover was listed as multiple gunshot wounds.

Documents say one bail option being recommended is a million dollars cash.

Glover’s fiancé tells Valley News Live he was a good father, and the couple had plans to get married next summer.

“We are left with picking up these pieces, Jacob was our family’s main source of income in our home.” Ashley Dowling says, “We were trying for a baby, now it’s all gone.”

Neighbors in the area say they thought drug activity was taking place at the house, something police have not yet confirmed.

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