New Information: 11 year old seriously injured when hit by a pickup

JAMESTOWN, N.D. ( News Live) An 11 year-old girl was seriously injured while when she was hit by a pickup as she was crossing the street in Jamestown earlier this week.

Jamestown Police Department's Major Justin Blinsky says the girl was attempting to cross the intersection of 4th Street NE and 4th Avenue NE.

We talked with neighbors in the area, who say that intersection has always been dangerous and they're hoping this was the wake up call the city needed.

"It needs a four way stop. There's been numerous accidents and it takes forever to cross!" Terry D. O'Meara said.

O'Meara has lived in the neighborhood for over 10 years and she says the intersection is a problem she and her neighbors have been dealing with for years.

"The cars do not stop for people in the intersection. I've waited many times to walk over to the clinic. I've waited 10 minutes at times depending on what time of day it is," O'Meara said.

Heavy traffic speeds by her house daily with stop signs only posted for north and southbound drivers.

And with an elementary school just one block from the intersection, O'Meara says it's too dangerous for the city too ignore anymore.

"It's too busy for kids to get across. And cars don't wait! They want to get to wherever they're going and they don't care!" O'Meara said.

Jamestown Police say that because 4th St. NE is also a state highway, it will take more than just the city to come to a solution.

Adding they don't think anything could have helped stop this horrific accident.

"I'm glad it's wasn't one of mine, but i'm not happy that something happened," O'Meara said.

Blinsky says the they are still interviewing witnesses. But says, early reports indicate the the view of the driver of the Dodge pickup may have had an obstructed view due to another vehicle and did not see the child in the crosswalk.

Blinsky says the girl was walking very fast in the crosswalk when she was struck and received serious injuries. She was transported to the Jamestown Regional Medical Center and later airlifted to a Fargo Hospital.

Major Blinsky says the investigation is ongoing.

No other injuries were reported, but Major Blinsky says the driver of the pickup was very grief-stricken about the incident. The Jamestown Police Department was assisted by the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

A GoFundMe account says the girl suffered severe injuries including a fractured skull, multiple broken bones and internal injuries.

The account also says the child is expected to be in the hospital for a few months.