New FDA regulations could vaporize vaping shop owners say

Fargo, N.D. (Valley News Live) The Food and Drug Administration has come down hard on the e-cigarette industry, enforcing regulations for vape shops, banning free samples and enforcing ID checks for anyone younger than 18.

For those who have quit smoking and moved on to vaping, they say it has helped them feel better.

Recently, the FDA has changed the rules for vaping, which affects shops across the nation.

"Now, with the regulations, I can't say that stuff anymore. I can't tell them this is what I’ve used and how it's helped me," Brian Power said.

Vape shop owners here in Fargo say as of now, the FDA change hasn't made a huge impact on the vaping industry.

"It’s not so much that it hurts right now, it's just having to do things different. The big issues will come in about 22 months if nothing changes on those laws," Sports Vape Owner Darius Endres said.

What makes it difficult is that the new rules don't make sense, according to shop owners.

"They make the rules so broad that it's not helping anybody, it's creating more confusion," Power said.

Before, shops could offer free samples and help customers with devices. Now that's out of the question.

"For those who do things wrong, something can happen, but that's what the shops are here for, we are supposed to be here to help," Power said.

If these new rules stay, owners say they believe it will have a huge impact on the vaping industry.

"If all the laws the FDA has come out with and all those stay put, in August 2018, 99% of our markers will be gone," Endres said.

Under the new rules, shops will also be required to submit pre-market tobacco applications for every flavor of e-liquid at every nicotine level and every size.