New scam hits the Valley saying you're winning over $2M

FARGO, N.D (KVLY) A new scam is hitting the Valley telling people they won over $2 million dollars from Publisher's Clearing House. The problem? You have to send the caller money in order to get your money.

A member here at Valley News Live got the call earlier this week, prompting us to do some digging as to how legitimate the winnings could be.

"Hi Mr. Allen, this is Mr. Thomas Anderson from the Publisher's Clearing House with a 2.6 million dollar check for you," the caller said.

A voicemail left for our co-worker on Monday morning, sounded like it was full of empty promises. But before he deleted the message, we wanted to give this "Mr. Thomas Anderson" a call back.

But both days we called the number, we had to leave a message. And the caller's voicemail greeting saying we reached a 'Text Now subscriber' made us scratch our head, because Text Now is an app you can get on your phone.

On the app, you just have to make a profile and tell the app what area code you want your new phone number to come from. Meaning our co-worker's million dollar call from South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, probably isn't true.

But how do you know a call from Publisher's Clearing House is the real deal?

First of all, the numbers are completely different.

And so is the greeting. The 1-800 number identifies themselves right out of the gate.

"If you suspect you received a scam call, letter, email or check from someone claiming to be publisher's clearing house, press 5," The automated phone message says.

Publisher's Clearing House says they'll never ask you to send money in order to collect your prizes. They say they'll never even call you at all if you've won a prize.

They say they give their prizes live and in person with no prior heads up.

So although we never got to talk to Mr. Thomas Anderson, it's safe to say he was up to no good.

Publisher's Clearing House also says if you've received any checks, phone calls or emails from someone pretending to be them, to immediately report it to the Federal Trade Commission.