Neighbors react to fatal Grand Forks shooting, one officer and woman dead

Published: May. 28, 2020 at 1:04 AM CDT
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As neighbors learned details about the fatal shooting that took place in Grand Forks, many of them are using the same word to describe their feelings. Shock.

People say they never expected this kind of tragedy in their neighborhood.

“I was, unfortunately, bringing out the garbage when the initial shots took place,” said Peter Osterberg. “I guesstimated 6-8 shots, all in succession. You know, you don't think that that's what's taking place. Actually, I thought it might have been fireworks or a nail gun going off, somebody doing work or something.”

He soon realized what he had heard.

“Just bewilderment,” Osterberg said. “You don't know what's going on and then shortly thereafter, the reaction time from law enforcement was incredible. They were here in minutes.''

A woman, who lives across the street from the complex, says despite what happened, she continues to believe she lives in a safe neighborhood.

“We had this horrible tragedy, but it isn't the whole neighborhood,” said Pam Whaley. “I heard there were four victims. You don't know if they are minor, major, you don't know. And then when I heard for sure that two had passed, it makes me very sad. It hurts my heart.

People go on to say they are thankful for the response of law enforcement, their heart going out to them as they mourn the loss of their own.

“I'm really impressed with how the law enforcement officers have in the past come together and today came together as a team,” Whaley said.

Neighbors say the community will come together to get through these dark times.

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