Neighbors react to early morning chaos in south Moorhead

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MOORHEAD, Minn. (Valley News Live) -- A Minnesota man is in jail tonight after a police chase and manhunt earlier today. It happened just after nine this morning when police tried to pull over a man for erratic driving. Instead of stopping, he took off.

24-year-old Devon Ludwig of Lake Park is facing a number of charges, including fleeing a motor vehicle, which is a felony.

Valley News Live was at the scene all morning, where police set up a perimeter. We heard from people who say they're surprised at the early morning chaos in their neighborhood.

It all started at the 1000 block of 20th St. S, where police tried pulling over Devon Ludwig.

He drove westbound, up on the sidewalk, cutting through properties.

Police set up a perimeter and brought out K-9's.

The chase ended on 18th St. S at an apartment complex. Police found Ludwig hiding in the dumpster.

"I just live down there," said Nirisha Shrestha, south Moorhead neighbor.

We spoke with many neighbors that live right across the street the home. Many were feeling uneasy.

"If these kinds of things happen, it's kind of scary to go out of the house," said Shrestha.

"It's kind of strange, you know, I mean people do crazy things all the time and what not you know but to see it happen this close to a college or the MSUM area," said Christopher Bauck from south Moorhead. It's very, very, very weird."

We were in the area all day on Tuesday.

We went up to the apartment to talk to neighbors seeing if they knew anything about Ludwig. Many of them were unaware, but say "quarrels" often happen here.

Police said they made MSUM's campus aware. The suspect never went onto campus.

As of what we know right now, there's no danger to those students.

MSUM Public Safety says if you don't feel safe walking around campus alone, give them a call and ask for a ride.

Their phone number: 218-477-2449.