Neighbors aren't happy about mail delivery in West Fargo

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 6:48 PM CST
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There are complaints about mail delivery in West Fargo. A man in The Wilds neighborhood asked on social media, "Has anyone gotten their mail in West Fargo?" He and his neighbors say at times over the past year; they haven't been getting packages or letters.

"A lot of families, it's quiet, a lot of friendly neighbors," said Michele Knoblich from The Wilds neighborhood.

That's how Knoblich describes her neighborhood.

But she and many other neighbors are not feeling so fuzzy with USPS.

"I'm very frustrated," said Knoblich. "Very often on our neighborhood Facebook page, there are complaints, and I keep telling them to call this person at the post office, but it's not changing. There are still problems every single day in our neighborhood."

The post office told Knoblich they delivered a package to her home.

"But it was not delivered to my house, and they could not tell me where it got delivered to," said Knoblich.

One neighbor came to her home with a package with a sticky note on it. It was from a construction worker that said her package was two blocks away in the middle of the road.

"Two people in my neighborhood got notifications that there was an attempt made at their home to deliver a package, and they were home and nobody attempted," said Knoblich.

After going to the post office with 50 complaints from neighbors, she says nothing's been done.

"I have often seen our mail carrier in our neighborhood even in the winter drive down the road with his tailgate open with the mail sitting on the back of the tailgate," said Knoblich.

While no one would talk locally, a regional spokesperson based out of Colorado explained to me:

"We had a significant snow event in the western United States effecting travel, roads, infrastructure, airports and cargo. Now that the roads are clear, shipments of mail have arrived in significant amounts. Now that everyone is getting dug out, we are digging in. We appreciate everyone's patience this week. Normal delivery times should resume soon. Carriers are out early in the morning delivering parcels and delivering mail and parcels into the evening."

After being busy shoppers on cyber Monday, Knoblich and her neighbors are staying hopeful.

"I am just crossing my finger, hoping they show up on my doorstep," said Knoblich.

USPS says its drivers are expected to bring packages to homes... No matter what the conditions are.

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