'Necking" becoming a trend in schools, administration working to stop it

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- There’s a new game being played in schools that could be dangerous for your child. It’s called necking and while some might think it's a funny prank, parents are saying it’s harmful and they're sick of it happening to their kids.

Necking is when a student slaps another student or karate chops them at the base of their neck, and then runs away. But for some students, it's far from fun. In fact, one parent posted on a Grand Forks based Facebook page, they want the school to stop it from happening.

School officials tell us, some kids think of it as goofing around and don't fully understand the harm it could have on another student. We talked with some schools in the valley to see if this is an ongoing problem in our area.

The Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education with Grand Forks Public Schools tell us it's becoming a trend at several of their schools. But they say, administration is working to put a stop to it. On top of that, they tell us disciplinary action will be taken if a student is hurt.

Depending on the circumstances, a student with Grand Forks Public Schools could even be suspended for necking another student. The Assistant Superintendent also tells us they are working on educating students to act appropriately and teach them consequences of their actions.

So what's the harm of necking? One parent posted on Facebook their child has developed bruises on their neck from being hit by other students.

We also reached out to Fargo, West Fargo, and Moorhead Public Schools to see if this is a trend within their districts. Officials with Fargo and Moorhead Public Schools tell us it's not an issue in their districts. But West Fargo Public Schools tells us it was a larger issue last year and they have not seen many cases this school year.