Navy Petty Officer from Detroit Lakes got to dance with President Trump

Published: Jan. 21, 2017 at 5:40 PM CST
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Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Catherine Cartmell got the chance to dance with President Donald Trump at Friday’s military ball.

Cartmell is a religious program specialist in the Office of the Chief of Navy Chaplains.

Cartmell had the dance of her lifetime when President Trump twirled her around at the military ball.

"They just asked me if I wanted to represent the United States Navy and dance with President Trump at the inaugural ball,” Cartmell said.

After being selected through her chain of command at the Pentagon, she says this was a moment she will never forget.

"Very humbling. It was, overall just an amazing experience, it was truly great,” Cartmell said.

While they danced cheek to cheek, Cartmell says she was star struck by this opportunity.

"He said what an honor of you to be the representative of the U.S. Navy and honestly the rest of it was just a blur,” Cartmell said.

She believes President Trump will do a great job as the leader of our country.

"He is just so supportive of all the military troops and he is just very honored to be the new President of the United States," Cartmell said.

For Cartmell, that moment meant more than just a dance.

"It’s been an honor to represent Detroit Lakes and the United States Navy," Cartmell said.