NDSU students help driver and passenger in flipped car on WY highway

Published: Apr. 13, 2018 at 4:40 AM CDT
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A group of NDSU students spread 'North Dakota nice' when they jumped into action and helped the driver and passenger of a flipped car.

Five students were on their way back from a class trip when they saw the car flip just northwest of Casper in Wyoming.

"It was pretty natural. Everyone jumped out right away," says NDSU student Terrance Hanlon.

The students helped the driver and passenger with blankets and water until first responders arrived 20 minutes later. Eventually, a helicopter was brought on scene for those injured in the accident.

The students who helped were Terrance Hanlon, Evan Wurden, Martin Eichers, Nicholas Snell and Richard Frisch. Computer Science staff member Benjamin Kading was also part of the rescue team.

It's unknown how the two people involved in the crash are doing today.

All of the students say they plan to pursue careers where they can help others.