NDDOT: 'Heed our warnings'

(Valley News Live) - The NDDOT tells Valley News Live that the two-lane state highways are impassable, and that people should heed its warnings: even the snow plows are getting stuck.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation says I-94 between Fargo and Bismark will remain closed until further notice. It's closed at Veterans Boulevard and also at Main Avenue. I-29 is also closed between Fargo and the Canadian border at 19th Avenue North.

Highway 2 is closed from Grand Forks to Devils Lake. The NDDOT has issued a no travel advisory from South and Central to Eastern North Dakota.

The Cass County Sheriff's Office tells us it's been helping folks who are stuck in ditches. Sheriff Jesse Jahner says the wind's been leveling the snow from the ditches onto the streets, and with the low visibility it's hard for drivers to tell the difference, so they're driving into ditches.

He adds while the visibility might not be as bad in Fargo and West Fargo, once you hit the outskirts of town, the visibility goes down to a half-mile or less in some parts.