Surveillance cameras catch burglars stealing from Fargo business

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) Surveillance cameras are working to protect people’s property from thieves.

We reported on several such incidents in the Metro area recently, where the alleged bad guys were caught on camera. In one incident, the bold bandits stole equipment from near David Belling's shop in Fargo.

"Just a bummer but Karma has its way of working out I suppose," Belling said.

Three years ago Belling turned a hobby of using a chainsaw to make artwork out of wood into a full-time career.

After two tours in Afghanistan, where he was injured, Belling said the carvings helped him to cope with the physical injuries you can see and those you can’t.

“Coming home from the war, going through a divorce, all those things that I've experienced in my life, my art has always been there to help,” Belling said.

Recently, two people stole a generator outside his workshop on the 1110 block of Main Ave.

“Yeah, that’s the cameras right there,” Belling, who also goes by "Chainsaw Dave," said pointing to the cameras.

The theft happened in the middle of the day.

"It's sad to see that people are hurting. Like, this guy stole a broken generator. We just noticed it was gone, went back and reviewed the cameras,” Belling said.

Although the generator was broken, Belling said there were plans on repairing the generator adding that it’s the theft that really bothers him.

“I'm not mad or anything, I don't even really want to see them get in trouble. If anything it kind of hurts to see someone in that position,” Belling said.

This isn’t the first theft caught on camera in the Metro area. Three suspected porch pirates were arrested in West Fargo for stealing packages from homes.

Belling said he does his part in speaking with the youth who may have too much free time on finding productive activities.

“Art itself can help anyone across the board who wants to do it as far as I'm concerned,” Belling said.

For him it’s cutting wood into art, which he credits for giving him the space to cope with war trauma.

Belling said he has no plans to report the theft to the Fargo Police Department because publicizing their photos on Facebook and in this report is enough for him.