Fargo Marathon expected to create traffic congestions

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) For those living in Fargo planning to wake up early Saturday to take care of errands, they may want to stay in bed for a bit longer.

Roads will be closed due to the 2019 Fargo Marathon.

On top of the other road closures caused by ongoing construction projects, the marathon is expected to create more traffic congestion.

“Yes, there's road construction already going on and the marathon definitely adds to the road impacts, but it is one day,” Jason Baker, who’s the city’s traffic engineer, said.

Baker said he understands the mounting frustration over closures. As for Saturday, no one should be parking their vehicles along Broadway.

“Broadway, downtown, up to 4th or 6th avenues north are going to be closed for the most part of the day,” Baker said.

In Fargo’s Clara Barton neighborhood, where runners will be making their way through on 8th and 9th streets, most homeowners have already received the memo and parked on side streets.

Yet, the majority that we spoke to on Friday say they don’t care about parking their vehicles elsewhere. They make an event out of the marathon.

“My typical foods are caramel rolls, the buns, the ham, the fruit, the boiled eggs, and coffee of course,” Lavonne Rustad said. “We're going to need a lot of coffee tomorrow if the weather forecaster is right.”

Rustad lives along 9th St. and two of her sons will be running on Saturday.

A few doors down from Rustad’s house is Lynn Speral and she said her husband is planning to make omelets in the morning.

“I appreciate the stories. Everybody that's out there running, almost all of them, has a story and why they're running and I'm inspired by that. And it's great to just come out and cheer them on,” Speral said.

Both Speral and Rustad said they enjoy the build-up to the marathon and don’t mind the traffic headaches for one day.

Baker, the city’s traffic engineer, said 2nd St. in downtown Fargo should open by 10 a.m. Saturday and he's hoping every closed street gradually reopens as more runners cross the finish line, which’s at the Fargodome.