Mother speaking out after daughter was inappropriately touched by hockey players

JAMESTOWN, N.D. (Valley News Live)- A Jamestown Mom is saying her 12-year old daughter was touched inappropriately by boys from the Jamestown Hockey Team. She says, the hockey board isn't doing anything about it. That's why she contacted our Whistle Blower Hotline, she wants these boys to be punished and is demanding answers.

"She told me that there was one child in particular that had touched her buttocks several times and she told him to stop. Come to find out, there was three kids who touched her," says an Anonymous Mother.

The mother of a 12-year old girl is speaking out. She wants to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions towards her daughter. This woman says, her daughter was touched inappropriately by hockey players from the Jamestown Hockey Pee Wee B team.

This all happened in a pool at the Arrowwood Resort, when the hockey players were in a tournament in Minnesota. The Mom says, there were chaperones at the pool. These players are between 11 and 13 years old. The Mom says, when her daughter asked them to stop, they didn't.

"Three out of the four boys admitted to touching her, that's proof right there," says the Mother.

The Mom says when she found out, she went right to the Jamestown Hockey Board. Since she brought it to their attention, she says not enough has been done.

"All they are going to do was a verbal warning and the boys were supposed to find a way to apologize to my daughter," says the Mother.

And that's why she decided to go to the police. We reached out to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, they're the ones investigating this case. A deputy we spoke with, Kalen Brele, says since the boys didn't grope or corner the 12-year old girl, there isn't a lot of viable evidence.

Brele says it's a hard situation because after meeting with the county attorney, they came away thinking 'kids will be kids'. When I pressed her about the case the deputy told me, they're discussing if it's a case of 'boys will be boys.' Officials say the boys were playing truth or dare when they touched her inappropriately. Brele says finding more evidence is tricky but they did go to the resort looking for any video footage. They found there was no cameras in the pool area.

"It's frustrating in the fact that if it happened to their child, they would look at it differently rather than sitting on the outside and saying 'well it's just a kid, that's what they do.' that's not the case, it shouldn't matter the age. If it was an older kid touching a child, there would be a consequence," says the Mother.

This Mother says, she doesn't know what to do next since she already contacted the hockey board and the police. But she says, she just wants something to be done.

The deputy investigating the case says it's all still under investigation. But they say, the punishment will most likely be up to the Jamestown Hockey Board. We've tried contacting the Jamestown Hockey Board almost every possible way and haven't heard back. We even contacted the North Dakota Amateur Hockey Association, they didn't return our calls either.