Mother of five missing, family pleading for help

NEW TOWN, N.D. (KFYR) Olivia Lone Bear, a mother of five missing now for two weeks, last spoke with her father, Tex before going missing.

"Tuesday was the last day he spoke with her, visited with her. On Thursday it became a little more concerning because she wasn't home, nobody's heard from her, kids haven't heard from her and so Thursday evening dad said we'll file a missing persons report Friday and we kind of went from there," said Olivia's brother, Melichi Four Bear.

Neighboring departments are helping tribal police in the search for Olivia.

"We've had people come out from all over. Belcourt sent their fire department, Bueler was here yesterday. New Town Fire Department, you could go on and on. People are coming from other states. Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, it's crazy how many people have reached out to us," said Four Bear.

The message to Olivia from her family is one they hope she receives.

"Come home and let us know you're okay. I just hope she's okay and that we find her," said Olivia's brother, Matthew Lone Bear.

"Contact us in some capacity. Whether through friend, something that just says hey: 'I'm here. I'm sorry. She's okay, or she's not okay.' Something, just something that'll really help," said Four Bear.

Hoping soon, Olivia will return home.

Olivia is 5'6," and roughly 130 pounds. She is known to be driving a bluish-green 2011 Chevy Silverado with a tool box in the bed of the truck.

Anyone with any information about Olivia's whereabouts is encouraged to contact police.

You can also contribute by following the Facebook page, "Searching for Olivia Lone Bear."