Mosquito count on Concordia's campus highest in the Fargo-Moorhead area

MOORHEAD, MN (Valley News Live) - Mosquito numbers are still up despite continued spraying by Cass County Vector Control.

One of the hot spots is in the area of Concordia in Moorhead, and the city is asking for help from neighbors.

"The campus of Concordia was the highest trap in the bi-county area that we have been monitoring as of this last Friday," said Ben Prather, Vector Control Director.

Prather says mosquito counts in this area have more than doubled compared to years passed, from about 200 or 300 to more than 700 recently.

"Anywhere within a mile of that trap, we are thinking there's going to be something that's big that we just can't see," Prather said.

The total aerial spraying budget for vector control stands around $1.5 million and Prather says they expect to top that this year.

"The expenditures this year are going to exceed, very likely, anytime in our past history in terms of the amount we are spraying,” Prather said. “We are sitting here on the 5th of August, and we have already applied more product than we did all of last year."

So now they're calling you to do your part. They aren't asking for any additional money, just to check your property.

If you have a low lying area, ponds or pools that vector control isn't aware of, they want to know about it and are willing to treat the area.

Vector control also wants you to check your gutters, drains and sump pumps hoping that if the standing water goes away, so will the mosquitoes.

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