Morton County Sheriff's Department saves money with new guns

MANDAN, N.D. (KFYR) The Morton County Sheriff's Department is updating their arsenal and cutting costs at the same time. They're going from a .40-caliber handgun to a 9-mm weapon.

Jonathan Moll, and the other Morton County deputies, are trying to qualify with new guns the department bought in February. Deputies are supporting the change, even if there is a slight learning curve.

"Smaller bullets but not much else different; the frame is almost identical,” Moll said.

The old .40-caliber handguns are being swapped out for 9-mm pistol. The new guns do carry two more rounds than the old guns, but sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier says that's not the main reason they switched.

"The Glock 9 is a very reliable weapon. And the big thing with this too is not only can we go to a newer, but the ammunition is also cheaper to do more shooting,” Kirchmeier said.

Moll adds the biggest adjustment was what he was seeing.

"An orange sight on it so it took a little getting used to it. It looks like a big orange eyeball but other than that, it's really an identical weapon and a very easy swap,” Moll said.

But all that takes is a little extra practice.