Morton County Sheriff's Department releases 'Know the Truth' videos on DAPL protests

Published: Nov. 28, 2016 at 7:40 PM CST
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On Monday, the Morton County Sheriff's Department released two YouTube videos regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

“Know the Truth” Video Series says they are, "Set(ting) the record straight about protest conflict through the eyes of law enforcement covering the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

The first video shows law enforcement’s perspective on the increasing violence and dangerous tactics being used by some anti-DAPL protesters.

In a video release, the department says they are setting the record straight on inaccurate information regarding law enforcement actions.

The first video is introduced by Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier and follows Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney as he explains how some protesters attempt to instigate law enforcement through violence as a tactic to gain attention.

The release says that, Laney points out law enforcement is more than willing to protect legal, permitted protests, yet some protesters only want conflict.

In the second video released Monday, Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier warns that the upcoming winter conditions are, "life threatening."

Kirchmeier urges protesters and the public to not risk their lives by exposing themselves to the elements during the current winter storm.

“Being outside exposed to the elements … does bring life threatening conditions,” Sheriff Kirchmeier explains in the second video.

We've attached links to both the videos from the Morton County Sheriff's Department to this story.