More parents say they're buying school supplies online to save money

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) They're everywhere these days— Back to school shoppers rushing to get everything they need before classes start.

A 2018 study shows the average parent spent $122 on school supplies alone last year and when you add in new clothes and shoes. The average household spent almost $700 for back to school shopping.

"I'm excited! Kinda nervous. Half excited, half nervous because it's gonna be like, all day every day!" Dexter said.

In just couple weeks, Dexter will be walking the school halls as a kindergartner—Making this his first official time school supply shopping.

"I got a baseball pencil!" he said.

"It's exciting because it's fun to go back to school. But to get the list and to have to go through and check it..." Whitney Hauschild said.

Hauschild says they're almost done with Dexter's list and says it hasn't been too expensive.

"But we do try to do it on a budget still and just get the things we need," Hauschild said.

She says they bought all their supplies from just one store, and says she didn't even think to check online prices.

However, other people tell us websites like Amazon have been their saving grace this back to school season.

"I have to confess it is due to convenience. I knew then we could pick exactly what we wanted, I didn't have to worry about things running into things being out of stock and I could just get it easily and then delivered to my door," Amy Martodam said.

Martodam says she shopped on both Amazon and Walmart this year for all her kids supplies and saved quite a bit of money.

We took a look at West Fargo, Fargo and Moorhead schools' supply lists and added the most common items to our Amazon cart giving me a total of just under $119.

"It definitely adds up over time," Martodam said.

Some parents say they could cut down their shopping costs a little if schools didn't require name brand items, but they say the most expensive items to buy are headphones, backpacks and new clothes.