Moorhead shooting victim's Fiancé says he a was good father

Published: Apr. 7, 2017 at 4:36 PM CDT
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More information is coming out about an argument between two men inside a Moorhead home on Thursday night.

28-year-old Jacob Glover from West Fargo died after being shot at multiple times. Meanwhile, 25-year-old Neil Johnson is in jail facing manslaughter charges.

Crime scene investigators are putting together the pieces of what happened inside the Moorhead home. Lt. Tory Jacobson with the Moorhead Police Department says, "It's always tragic when you have any type of investigation that such as the result here, where someone has lost their life."

We are told by neighbors that Neil Johnson lives in the home with his wife and kids. Police say he got into a fight with Jacob Glover who was found in the neighbors drive way after being shot. He later died at the hospital.

Glover's fiancé tells us he was a good father and the two had plans of getting married next summer. “We are left with picking up these pieces, Jacob was our family’s main source of income in our home.” Ashley Dowling says, “We were trying for a baby, now it’s all gone.”

Police say there are two sides to the argument, and witnesses inside the home are helping police discover the truth.

Neighbors tell us they believe the house has had drug activity, however police are not confirming that. Lt. Jacobson says, "Our investigators are certainly are learning and continue to work this case, and they have a lot of information. But, certainly something I won't be able to disclose at this point."

Police say there is no threat to the neighborhood. "Obviously the fact that these were two parties that were accounted with each other inside that residence doesn't carry over to the streets it isn't something that should cause concern to anyone else in our community."

Johnson is being held in the clay county jail pending the filing of a long form complaint through the attorney's office for felony charges linked to the shooting. Currently it's a first degree manslaughter charge, police say we will know more on Monday.