Moorhead apartment residents are discouraged with constant trash around building

Published: Apr. 9, 2019 at 10:46 PM CDT
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A woman wants out of her lease due to what she says is constant garbage where she lives in her Moorhead apartment complex.

The woman who lives at the apartment wanted to remain anonymous. She says the living conditions are unbelievable.

"I hate pulling into this place, every day," said the woman. "I come in here and hide. When you should be outside but you can't be outside because there's trash."

She told us she's discouraged and mad.

"I want it taken care of yesterday," she said.

The woman lives at the Courtyard Apartments on Belsly Boulevard in Moorhead, Minnesota.

She isn't the only one tired of the garbage.

"I don't know what all the trash is," said resident Kathryne Engert. "I'm not going to pick it up because I don't know what it is. I don't want to pick up something that's going to be a danger to me or my kids."

Trash is one issue, but the woman's second issue is ants.

"The maintenance manager said that that was my responsibility to take care of," she said. "If I needed to get an exterminator it would be my cost."

I called the owner of Courtyard Apartments, which is owned by Campbell Properties.

The person I talked to couldn't answer my questions over the phone but later I was sent an email explaining that:

"Every spring, when the snow melts, trash becomes visible that was previously covered with snow. Prior to your notification, we had already scheduled trash at this property to be picked up this Thursday and Friday.

Spring cleaning is something that most property management companies are all currently tackling."

This woman also said she complained about snow removal.

"Yeah when the storm hit a couple of times, the blizzards that we had, we couldn't get out the back doors or the front doors they were blocked with snow," she said.

She added that they came and plowed only after she threatened that she would call our hotline.

So what exactly is the woman doing about it? Well, she said that she hasn't even been with the apartment complex for a year and she plans on terminating her lease within the next month or so.

We'll continue to stay on this story to see if the area around the apartment complex is cleaned up, as property management indicated.

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