Moorhead police arrest trespassing suspect after tracking his footprints in the snow

Around 2:00 Thursday morning, Moorhead police were called to the 600 block of 41st Ave. S. for a report of suspicious activity.

The caller told police he heard noises outside and when he looked, he saw fresh footprints around his house.

When officers got there, they found the footprints and tracked them to several other homes in the area, as well as cars nearby.

Officers were able to track the suspect to the 800 block of Belsly Boulevard. Police say the suspect was wearing shoes that exactly matched the imprints left at the initial scene.

Police arrested 26-year-old Anthony Alvarez who has no permanent address. Alvarez was arrested for tampering with a motor vehicle, trespassing and obstructing the legal process.

Police say instead of the snowfall being a hindrance Thursday morning, it helped tremendously with arresting Alvarez.