"Busted by the bus" Moorhead officers ticket 20 people for texting

Published: Apr. 12, 2017 at 5:59 PM CDT
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Law Enforcement from the Moorhead Police Department, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, and the MN State Patrol focused on distracted driving Wednesday for four hours.

Officers rode on a school bus provided by the Moorhead School District and had other officers stop drivers who were violating Minnesota distracted driving laws. They say the goal was to increase driver’s awareness around school buses and to enforcement distracted driving laws which often leads to driver’s committing school bus stop arm violations.

Officers stopped 73 vehicles during the enforcement wave. 20 citations for were issued to drivers for distracted driving. Officers also issued several citations for no seat belt use and drivers who did not have a valid license.

Officers on board the bus also saw several people obviously distracted in other ways besides electronic devices to include: eating with both hands, reading while driving, having their dog on their lap, and one person alternating between eating a sandwich and texting while driving. One person also admitted they were aware of the bus being used during this enforcement wave but still failed to follow the law and was cited for texting and driving.

Busted on the Bus will continue on Thursday. Officers in Clay County will continue to focus on distracted driving violations through April 23rd.