Moorhead man walking to raise awareness on mental health issues makes it to State Capitol

ST. PAUL, Minn. (Valley News Live)- The Moorhead man who set foot on his journey, walking from Moorhead to Minnesota’s State Capitol has made it to his destination. Tim Barry started his trek on Easter day.

He's walking to raise awareness on an issue that is very close to his heart, that's mental health and seeking proper treatment for those who are suffering. He says, mental illnesses need to stop being criminalized.

Barry tells us, he is on a mission to save his daughter's life. She got addicted to drugs at a young age and also suffers from bipolar disorder. Now that he's in St. Paul, he plans on speaking with lawmakers about what he wants changed.

The 240-mile walk took him about 2 weeks, he was on no set schedule and took breaks when he needed them.

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