Moorhead man charged with felony gross sexual imposition

A judge has ruled that a western Pennsylvania man must stand trial on charges he flushed his grandparents' ashes down a toilet after his mother kicked him out of her home./ Source: MGN

A Moorhead man has been charged with felony gross sexual imposition after court documents say he was involved in a sexual assault case back in July of 2018.

The documents say on July 22nd of 2018, Brent Flattum-Riemers met up with a woman at O'Kelly's in Fargo.

The victim told police she remembered drinking wine and shots at the bar and then standing up to leave. The victim also told police that she then remembers waking up to find Flattum-Riemers on top of her. The victim says she doesn't recall any sort of communication of consent with Flattum-Riemers.

Court documents say Flattum-Riemers told police over the phone that the woman agreed to getting a hotel room and admitted to having sex.

Witnesses say that the woman was very intoxicated and had fallen off of her chair and vomited at one point. The woman also allegedly had to be carried to the room by Flattum-Riemers and a bartender.

Flattum-Riemers' DNA matched DNA that was found on the victim after a rape kit was completed.

Flattum-Riemer's is set to make his first court appearance on May 31st.