Moorhead man charged for allegedly strangling woman

MOORHEAD, M.N. (KVLY) 30-year-old Aaron Hall is charged with both a felony and a misdemeanor charge of domestic assault after court documents say he strangled a woman twice on Tuesday, March 5.

Court documents say Moorhead Police were called to a home on County Club Parkway around 10:45 Tuesday night for a report of a domestic assault.

When officers arrived, the victim had blood on her shirt and sweatshirt, as well as bruising around her neck.

The victim told police earlier in the night, her and Hall were sitting on the couch when she got a call from a former male co-worker. The victim said Hall thought she was cheating on him and he became upset. Hall grabbed the victim's phone and then grabbed the woman by the collar of her sweatshirt and shook her.

The victim says when Hall reached for her collar, his hand hit her in the face and she bit her lip, making it bleed.

The victim says Hall then wrapped both of his hands around her neck for about 30 seconds, making her gasp for air. The victim broke free from Hall's grip, but Hall continued trying to strangle her with one hand until the victim fought Hall off.

Hall later told police he didn't know how the victim got her marks, saying he grabbed the victim's phone out of her hands and then left the home.

Clay County officers arrested Hall just before one Wednesday morning.

Hall was convicted of aggravated assault in July 2013.