Moorhead businesswoman offers to help those affected by government shutdown

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) The partial government shut down is in its 20th day and tomorrow marks the first paycheck missed for over 800,000 government workers. And it's prompted one Moorhead business owner to take things into her owns hands to help those in the Valley affected by the shutdown.

Having gone on strike years before, Grace Cummings Pas says she's no stranger to the struggle of being without a job.

"I've been watching the news and seeing that it was getting closer to some of these employees losing their jobs—I just knew the hopelessness of not having a job, not knowing where you were going to get your money and a lot of people live pay day to pay day," Grace said.

Now the owner of Grace Electric, she decided to take to Facebook yesterday and offer a helping hand.

"If you've hired me in the past and if you're gonna lose your job, or you lost it, or you're not getting a paycheck, I'm gonna give you $200. I have a record of everybody I've ever worked for, so you're not gonna scam me. I just want to help you," she said.

Posted in a local Facebook group page, her offer went viral with dozens of people thanking Grace for her generosity.

"Sometimes I post on things and get nothing. I could not believe the response. Just wow," Grace said.

Grace didn't want to say just how many people and families she'd be helping because of her charitable funds, but says the ball is now in other businesses' courts. She added she hopes other business owners will help out those in need, just as she has.

"You have to give back. You just have to. I think we need to help each other out, we really do. And maybe some people will realize they can help somebody else. That would be good," Grace said.