Moorhead Police searching for suspects in string of Tuesday night car break-ins

MOORHEAD, M.N. (KVLY) Moorhead Police are looking for the three people behind a string of car break-ins all caught on doorbell cameras.

Police tell Valley News Live there were five car break-ins Tuesday night, with one of the first being caught on camera in the 1100 block of 38th Ave. S. just before two this morning.

On the video, three people can be seen approaching the driveway. One gets lucky with an unlocked pickup truck, while the other car gets left alone.

The victim says there was only about $20 in change taken, but he says the car prowlers did leave quite a mess behind.

The same suspects can be seen on another security camera video just minutes later on 40th Ave. S.

This time, the suspects got into two vehicles, but the victim says the only thing he could find missing from his cars were two packs of cigarettes.

And about an hour later, this time on 37th Ave. S., the crooks find yet another unlocked car, but the victim in this case says they're not sure if anything was taken.

Moorhead Police say in one of the five break-ins a name brand purse, wallet, backpack, passport and an electronic device were stolen.

They urge you to remember to take all valuables out of your car every time you get out of it, and remind you of the importance of locking your doors.

Police say in the last 10 days, there's only been one other car break-in.
But they say it was no where near the area of Tuesday night's incidents.